Seven students were arrested yesterday at a demonstration against a ban on the admission of undocumented students to some state universities in Georgia. All of those arrested are reportedly undocumented themselves, and they may face deportation as a result of their protest.

The arrests came at the end of a rally and march that drew more than a hundred people in support of the DREAM Act and in opposition to a ban on admission of undocumented students to University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Georgia College & State University and the Medical College of Georgia. The students called upon GSU president Mark Becker to refuse to comply with the ban, which was implemented by the state board of regents last fall.

Only five of the nearly forty state colleges and universities in Georgia are covered by the ban, but new regulations require all public colleges and universities in the state to determine students’ residency status. Undocumented students in the state are charged out-of-state tuition, however long they have lived in Georgia.