I keep meaning to post more, and it keeps not happening. I’m teaching a ridiculously compressed summer schedule right now — two full courses in three and a half weeks, which means three hours each, four days a week. So I’m in front of the classroom from nine to noon teaching the first half of world history, and then from noon to three teaching the second half. And then I’m completely exhausted.

And I’m with my kids for a chunk of the afternoon most days, and they’re here with me overnight one night a week and every other weekend, and right now that’s actually two weekends in a row, last weekend and this weekend. (And the Mermaid Parade is next weekend, so last weekend we were consumed with making costumes.) So there’s this one bubble early on Friday afternoons when I’ve got energy and time, and that’s exactly the moment when blogging on education and activism issues seems least productive.

More to come when it comes. In the meantime, hope you’re using your time and energy as whole-heartedly as I am.