Not long ago, Norwegian police announced that at least eighty people are known to have been massacred at the Labor Party youth camp at Utoya today. The vast majority appear to have been teenagers participating in an organizing retreat at the camp.

Police indicated that the number of dead may rise in the hours to come. Many of the bodies recovered so far were removed from the sea, as their attacker apparently shot at those who attempted to escape by swimming away after the shooting began.

One person, 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik, has been arrested in connection with the Utoya massacre and the bombing of a government building in Oslo earlier in the day. Seven people died in that bomb attack.

Media reports have connected Breivik to far right-wing politics, and police are attempting to determine whether he may have had accomplices in the two attacks.

Much remains unclear about the Utoya massacre, but the facts that are known stagger the mind.

Dozens of young activists murdered. There are no words.

Update | From Mashable: “According to multiple news reports in Norway and Sweden, Brievik belonged to Oslo’s extreme right wing. He was a frequent poster in Norwegian right-wing online forums, the accounts said, and had two guns registered to his name. He also appears to have launched a social media presence just days before the attacks.”

Second Update | The final death toll at Utoya was sixty-nine. Another eight people died as a result of Breivik’s Oslo bombing earlier in the day.