Last night at Penn State thousands of students took to the streets. They tore down light poles. They vandalized cars. They overturned a news van. They lit a fire. They threw rocks at police and at least one bystander.

Why? Because their football coach, Joe Paterno, was fired.

And why was he fired? Because nine years ago, one of his staff witnessed Jerry Sandusky, one of Paterno’s former top assistants, anally rape a ten-year-old boy in the team’s showers. And because when that staffer reported what he had seen to Joe Paterno, he did nothing. No police were called. No investigation was undertaken. Paterno didn’t even revoke Sandusky’s access to the team’s locker rooms.

Sandusky was indicted on forty counts of sexual abuse last week. Two top administration officials were indicted for covering up his crimes. And yesterday Joe Paterno and the university’s president were fired.

Some Penn State students supported the Paterno firing. Others — many others — attended a vigil last night for Sandusky’s victims.

But thousands took to the streets around the campus chanting “fuck the trustees” and “we want Joe” and breaking things and hurting people.

And I honestly have nothing more to say about that.