In September of last year the Associated Press revealed that the New York Police Department had, in conjunction with the Central Intelligence Agency, spied on more than half a dozen of the city’s campus Muslim student groups. Today it reported that the NYPD’s surveillance went much further.

In a story published this afternoon, the AP described how the NYPD:

  • Set up a “safe house” in New Brunswick, New Jersey, tasked with monitoring Muslim students at Rutgers.
  • Sent an undercover officer along on a 2009 whitewater rafting trip attended by 18 Muslim students from City College.
  • Used a student informant to keep tabs on Muslims at Syracuse University.
  • Plotted surveillance of “Somali Professors and students at SUNY-Buffalo” in coordination with police in that city.
  • Conducted daily reviews of “websites, blogs and forums of Muslim student associations” at sixteen campuses in four states.

According to the AP, Muslim student groups monitored by the NYPD included those at “Yale; Columbia; the University of Pennsylvania; Syracuse; New York University; Clarkson University; the Newark and New Brunswick campuses of Rutgers; and the State University of New York campuses in Buffalo, Albany, Stony Brook and Potsdam; Queens College, Baruch College, Brooklyn College and La Guardia Community College.”