Students in the Canadian province of Quebec have overwhelmingly rejected the government’s proposal to end their three-month strike.

Amid concerns that the offer did little to keep tuition rates down and claims by student negotiators that the government altered the plan without their consent, students at campus after campus have rejected the deal, leaving the provincial government and the student unions back at square one and putting the spring semester in peril.

Anti-strike students at one college obtained a court injunction on Wednesday calling on their school to re-open, but when they arrived this morning to enforce the ruling, the campus entrance had been barricaded by a group of some two hundred students and professors. Administrators attempted to negotiate with the protesters, but announced after an hour of discussion that the campus would remain closed.

Yesterday morning the entire Montreal subway system was shut down for an hour and a half after smoke bombs were set off in at least five stations. No person or group took credit for the shutdown, and speculation mounted during the day as to whether it was connected to the student strike.