The Council of University of California Faculty Associations is saying there’s a deal in the works between Governor Jerry Brown and UC President Mark Yudof to “loosen the most important ties between the university and the state.”

Under the terms of the reported deal, UC will be freed up to raise tuition, increase out-of-state enrollment, and divert state funds to construction projects. And crucially, it will no longer have to make the specifics of these arrangements public.

UC’s out-of-state enrollment has been skyrocketing in recent years, as has out-of-state tuition. Just a few years ago, non-Californians represented just 10% of UC Berkeley enrollment, for instance, but now they make up nearly a third of the Berkeley student body — and they’re paying rates higher than Harvard’s.

Let’s underscore that: A third of UC Berkeley students are from out-of-state, and they’re being charged private university fees.

This is the future of the UC system, if CUCFA’s analysis is accurate.

And it should be noted as well that UC’s student body isn’t expected to get bigger, at least not at rates that would be necessary to keep rates of in-state enrollment stable. As CUCFA notes, UC is likely to “dump a larger number of eligible Californians onto the CSU and Community Colleges, which will in turn pass on their overflow to for-profit schools” if this plan goes through.

This represents nothing less than the privatization of the UC system, once the greatest public university in the nation.