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Quebec Students Heckle The Queen

QUEBEC CITY (UPI) — Queen Elizabeth was booed by student hecklers Saturday as she began her controversial two-day visit to this bastion of French Canada.

The booing was heard at least twice as the royal motorcade pulled up in front of the Provincial Legislature. It was the first real incident of the royal visit.

Some 50 policemen — part of the most extensive security force in Canadian history — moved in swiftly to disperse the hecklers. Some minor scuffling took place, but police succeeded in herding the demonstrators away from the main entrance to the Legislature.

Four or five of the hecklers, including Reggie Chartrand, a former Montreal boxer and well-known separatist leader, were taken into custody by members of the special riot squad.

The Queen’s first moments on French Canadian soil — at historic Wolfes Cove where British troops rowed ashore at night two centuries ago to win this province and country from France — were graphic evidence of the mammoth security measures taken to ensure her safety.

The traditional arrival routine — 21-gun salute, royal salute and honor guard inspection, took place inside a shed closed completely to the public and cut off.

On these bluffs, soldiers with rifles kept up a steady patrol. A fair number of of mounted police were inside the shed itself and soldiers lined the route from it almost on a shoulder-to-shoulder basis.

About 4,000 soldiers and police were on duty here in advance of the queen’s arrival. As added security precautions Navy frogmen conducted an underwater search of the cold, murky St. Lawrence where the royal yacht was to berth.