On Twitter a few minutes ago, I posted a list of ten topics I’d like to see discussed at tonight’s presidential debate, but don’t expect to. Since everything’s more fun when there’s something on the line, I’ve made the list into a contest — guess which ones will make it in, and whoever comes closest wins.

Here’s the list:

1. Poverty.
2. Climate change.
3. Reproductive rights.
4. LGBTQ issues.
5. Student debt.
6. The drug war.
7. Voter suppression.
8. Labor issues.
9. The DREAM Act.
10. Infrastructure.

I’ll be the final arbiter of what qualifies as a reference to each topic, and I’ll figure out a tiebreak algorithm in case nobody gets it exactly right. Post your guesses here or on Twitter.

Winner gets a blogpost by me on the subject of your choice, plus a physical prize to be named later.