Sorry about the lack of signal in the last couple of weeks, and apologies to all the amazing activists I’ve only been cheerleading on Twitter (or not at all). Though I didn’t lose power in the storm, my kids were home from school for a week, and in the middle of that we had a very technically challenging Halloween, and then on Friday we started packing for a campaign-work road trip.

And on top of all that, and preceding it, I’ve been sick for the last two months. Nothing dire, in the grand scheme of things, just whooping cough, then bronchitis, and now a cold, but they’ve all overlapped, and they’ve all sapped my energy, and they’ve all kept me from doing anywhere near as much as I’d have liked on all sorts of different fronts.

Anyway, I’m typing this from a guest room in Washington DC. This morning I’m going to put together an election post, then heading out to the drugstore for some meds, then hitting the sights — my kids have never done the DC tourist thing. Tomorrow we’ll be spending the day flyering for marriage equality and the MD DREAM Act at a Maryland polling place to be named later. And then we watch the returns and then we get up in the middle of the night to drive home and then I teach and then I collapse and then sometime around Thursday I hope I get back to writing — here and elsewhere.

See you in a bit.