According to a statement posted on his website, Hugo Schwyzer has resigned his teaching position at Pasadena City College effective immediately.

Schwyzer had announced his intention to resign late this summer after his admission that he’d had sex with students in the recent past. He sought to delay the resignation’s effective date until he was able to secure a disability retirement settlement from the state, however, and PCC initiated termination proceedings.

In the wake of a September incident in which Schwyer seriously injured a woman in a DUI, the college stepped up its efforts to force him out, publicly requesting his immediate resignation. Subsequent to that Schwyzer indicated in online statements that the college could secure his silence regarding the names of the students he had slept with by agreeing to allow him to stay on until January, then took to Twitter and his blog to name one of those students, along with the woman he injured in the DUI and a woman he attempted to kill in the late 1990s. (The tweets and the blogpost were later removed.)

Today’s resignation, assuming it is genuine, brings Schwyzer’s career in higher education to an end. With any luck, it will also bring an end to this blog’s coverage of the story.

The text of the statement as published on Schwyzer’s website is as follows:

“Pasadena City College has accepted Dr Hugo Schwyzer’s resignation effective October 8, 2013. This brings to a conclusion all matters relating to Dr Schwyzer’s employment at PCC. This investigation being conducted under the supervision of outside counsel will not proceed any farther. Dr. Schwyzer expresses his appreciation and thanks to his students and colleagues at PCC.”

October 9 Update | Pasadena City College has confirmed Schwyzer’s removal in a notice posted on its website.