The last couple of weeks have seen students launch occupations of campus spaces in at least three British universities in the lead-up to a national strike of campus personnel slated for tomorrow.

This morning several dozen students at the University of Edinburgh stormed the offices of the university’s finance director demanding an increase in staff wages and a cap of high-ranking administrators’ salaries at ten times the pay of the university’s lowest-paid employees.

Last Tuesday students occupied a building at the University of Sussex in a protest against higher education privatization, particularly the outsourcing of food,  maintenance, and security services on campus and the impending privatization of student loans in Britain. Students occupied the same building for two months earlier this year before being forcibly evicted. That occupation is ongoing, though the university will appear in court tomorrow seeking permission to roust the students.

And on Thursday administrators at the University of Birmingham sent police to break up a week-long campus occupation in support of democracy in campus governance and opposition to high fees, low wages, and student loan privatization. The Birmingham administration is seeking a court injunction banning protest on campus for the next twelve months.