Yesterday a friend gave me her ticket to see Ruth Bader Ginsburg interviewed by Nina Totenberg at the 92nd Street Y. While I was at the talk, I tweeted that Nina Totenberg has a Notorious RBG tee-shirt, and that she wears it regularly on weekends, and that RBG gave it to her. What didn’t fit into the tweet was that Totenberg actually owns *three* Notorious RBG shirts, two of which Ginsburg gave her, from what Totenberg described — apparently seriously — as Ginsburg’s vast supplies.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg buys Notorious RBG shirts in bulk to give to her friends. That’s what I learned last night.

One other tidbit: It was widely reported a while ago that part of why RBG isn’t resigning before Obama leaves office is that she doesn’t believe anyone like her could be confirmed by the current Senate.

Totenberg asked Ginsburg about that last night, and she reiterated it, but then NT asked her the follow-up question: Wouldn’t any replacement appointed by a Republican successor to Obama be far worse, from your perspective? Ginsburg brushed that question off, saying “I’m very hopeful about 2016.”

Between what she said, the context of the question, and her inflection, I got the very clear impression that Ginsburg intends and expects to have Hillary Clinton appoint her successor.