I just tweeted a bunch of stuff about intra-left fights and people’s fear of being shunned because they say or believe the wrong thing. Briefly, while a lot of attacks on “PC” are actually cover for real and important political disagreements, I also recognize that some folks who honestly do want to do the right thing — by whatever definition — are scared to death of making some sort of misstep that will bring the wrath of the just down upon their heads.

I’ve written before about how getting yelled at isn’t the end of the world, and about how folks can recover if they find themselves on the receiving end of public condemnation, but right now I’d like to open up a space for people who experience those kinds of fears to talk about them, and to ask questions.

If you want to talk about this stuff, let’s talk. If you haven’t commented here before, I’ll have to manually approve your first message, but after that everything will go through automatically. I promise I’ll reply to everyone, and I promise not to be mean.

Oh, and anyone who wants to can comment anonymously, too.