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About sixty activists from Take Back NYU barricaded themselves into a third-floor dining facility in the Kimmel Center on Washington Square Park last night at about 10 pm, presenting a 13-point list of demands. They occupied the space without incident overnight.

The university barred students from entering the occupied area, but made no move to force the protesters, who included NYU students and others, to leave. Dining services in the building were moved to another floor.

The students at NYU barricaded themselves into the Kimmel dining facility shortly before closing time last night. They’d planned the occupation surreptitiously by Facebook, billing it as a dance party. More than sixty students participated in the initial takeover.

Not long after noon today, about twenty students rushed past university security to join the protest. A little later, protesters broke a lock and gained access to a balcony adjoining the occupied space.

A student is liveblogging the protest here. TBNYU has a twitter feed here. A short statement of justification for the sit-in and explanation of its demands can be found here.

3:30 Update: A new post from Charlie Eisenhood, liveblogging from inside the sit-in…

Here’s what TBNYU and the protesters have requested: a student rep for direct negotiations (and no go-between), permission for a group to travel to tonight student Senate Council meeting, permission for delegation of student Senators to come to Kimmel for talks, permission for food (vegan) to be brought by friends, permission to enter the balcony.

Here’s what NYU granted: Nothing. Zero zilch zip nada. They’ve also closed the 3rd floor “officially” and are only granting access to students with class in the building or students attending a specific event. They also said that Kimmel closes at 1 AM and that TBNYU has no authorization to be here after 1. And they stressed that any breaches of conduct (like breaking the door and entering the balcony) WILL have consequences.


6:00 Update: Coverage continues here.