Coverage continues from here. Additional updates can be found on our twitter feed. For a discussion of the protesters’ demands, see this post.

At 10 PM on Wednesday, more than sixty students from NYU and various other colleges barricaded themselves into a dining area on the third floor of NYU’s Kimmel Center on Washington Square South. On Thursday afternoon they forced a door and gained access to a balcony overlooking the park, while supporters twice evaded campus security to add more numbers to the protest’s ranks.

On Thursday evening NYU administrators threatened students who remained in Kimmel after the building’s scheduled 1 AM closing time with arrest and expulsion, but 1 o’clock came and went with no movement from inside. Supporters of the protest on the street below clashedwith police a few minutes after 1 AM, but when the dust cleared from those scuffles students were still occupying the third floor.

There was only one arrest last night, of an NYU student who tried to climb a No Parking sign on Washington Square South. I’ve seen no reports of serious injuries to protesters, police, or bystanders during the one o’clock clash, and no update on the condition of the NYU security guard who was taken away in an ambulance earlier in the evening. About twenty protesters remain on the third floor of Kimmel, having rejected a late-night “safe harbor” offer that would have suspended disciplinary action against them as long as they stayed out of trouble for the remainder of their time on campus.

The protesters who remain have been given no assurances about how they will be treated going forward. No word on how many, if any, of them are non-NYU.

A liveblogger from the website NYULocal was in Kimmel from the start of the occupation, but he left the building late last night, and is not expected to be allowed to re-enter. The Washington Square News, a student newspaper, is providing ongoing online coverage of events. Take Back NYU!, the group that organized the protest, is providing regular updates on its website and twitter feed. In their first twitter update of the morning, however, they announced that NYU has cut off internet access to the occupied building.

That’s where things stand as of 9:30 this morning.

11:30 am Update: Yesterday, NYU kept most of the Kimmel building open, using security to (ineffectively) control access to the occupied third floor. Today they’ve shut the whole building down. Also, TBNYU is reporting that NYU has cut off not just internet access, but also power flow to electrical outlets in the occupied space. If the report is accurate, and NYU maintains this policy, the protesters will lose all ability to communicate with the outside world other than by megaphone as soon as their batteries run down.

TBNYU has another rally planned for the front of the building at noon today.

12:30 pm Update: NYU is shutting down the Kimmel occupation. Most of the news on the ground is coming via Twitter at this point, so it’s fragmentary. We’re not going to post moment-by-moment updates — we’ll wait for the situation to shake out, and provide a full report when we can.

Look for follow-up analysis from us in the hours and days to come, as well. It seems clear that the NYU administration’s approach to this sit-in was, like the sit-in itself, influenced by an awareness of its relationship to a broader student movement. How that played out, and what it means for students on other campuses, is going to be something worth exploring going forward.

1:15 pm Update: NYULocal reported at 12:50 that all protesters had left Kimmel except for four who remained on the balcony. According to the Take Back NYU twitter feed, at least ten NYU students have been suspended, and an unspecified number have been escorted to their dorms to collect their belongings. There are conflicting reports on the fate of the non-NYU protesters who left the building in the last hour.

3:00 pm Update: The building has been cleared.