Earlier this week I posted news about student struggles for access to higher education in the US. Here’s a taste of what’s been going on in the rest of the world in the last seven days:

In Ireland, students camped outside of parliament overnight on Monday in a protest against government plans to introduce new university fees.

South Africa’s Witwatersrand University saw three days of protests this week over plans to raise tuition for the coming academic year. Demonstrations were suspended after the university threatened police action, but the country’s public university system is said to be exploring new revenue streams to alleviate student unrest over fee hikes.

Students shut down community colleges and secondary schools in Nepal for several days this week in protest against the commercialization of education, presenting a thirteen-point list of demands that included a cap on tuition charges.

A new law in Cyprus, put forward in response to student complaints, would require all public colleges in that nation to establish clear tuition rates when students enroll and prohibit increases during a student’s course of study.