(Last week, I started posting a weekend roundup of highlights from the @studentactivism Twitter feed. Here it is again.)

Links to this blog:

Students for a Democratic Society has relaunched its SDS News wiki. Great stuff: http://bit.ly/Y1zbm

Student protests in Allahahabad, India, entering their sixth day: http://bit.ly/pi4c9

Campus budgets are getting slashed coast to coast, and students are fighting back: http://bit.ly/1YxoTh

Chomsky on student activism in the 60s & today, & on high tuition’s role in suppressing protest: http://bit.ly/3BFxi

What John Brown taught me about privilege, whiteness, and anti-racism. http://bit.ly/AsIHi

#SAFRA means better student loans, financial aid, drug rules–but it still has to pass the Senate: http://bit.ly/1s7rIc

Students fight fees around the world! Reports from South Africa, Ireland, Cyprus, and Nepal: http://bit.ly/2v3i8c

Outside links:

RT @forstudentpower: Blagojevich gives a great example of why University Trustees should be popularly elected:http://bit.ly/zewZE

Student union suspended, leadership expelled, after anti-govt campus protest in Zambia: http://bit.ly/3duy7

Bizarre, unhinged National Review rant on student activism & campus culture: http://bit.ly/2FWikB

Harvard Med School has reversed new policy regulating students’ interaction with the media: http://bit.ly/t6st0

Canada: New province-wide student association looks to build student power in Saskatchewan. http://bit.ly/10VZFi

India: Campaign for students’ rights at Allahabad U goes national. http://bit.ly/19nHqX (Background here: bit.ly/pi4c9)

Race, frats, history, and the University of Alabama student government: http://bit.ly/3QLOe0

MUST READ — U of California students & profs will walk out Sept 24. Here’s why: http://bit.ly/LYrR7 (Via @kmmcbride)

Other stuff:

When MTV replays that Kanye moment, they should splice in a shot of Mike Myers looking uncomfortable. #vmas

This ACORN story is just so incredibly bizarre. Are we seeing the birth of Borat journalism?

I hate Illinois Nazis, but I always made an exception for Henry Gibson. RIP.

Whenever someone refers to something as “the last acceptable form of prejudice,” they’re full of crap. All kinds of prejudice still thrive.