The above map, an ongoing project charting all of the events in tomorrow’s March 4 Day of Action, currently includes well over a hundred actions in some thirty-two states, with more being added all the time.

If you click on any “pin” on the map, you’ll be taken to a short description of the action, along with links to further details and contact information for the folks involved.

For new readers, the March 4 Day of Action to Defend Education is a grass-roots event in which students, faculty, and others are coming together around the country to speak and act. The Day of Action was originally conceived in California as a response to the current crisis in higher education in that state, but it has since grown to encompass students and others at educational institutions at all levels in all parts of the country — from Berkeley and San Diego to Portland, Maine and Montgomery, Alabama.

More information on the Day of Action can be found at the Defend Education website, which was one of the earliest sponsors, but there is no one coordinating group behind March 4, no one agenda, no one ideological perspective.

If you have information about other actions, you can add it as a comment to this post. (Please include links and/or details of the action if you can.) If you have questions for the sponsors of an individual action, you can usually reach them through the links at their map entry. If you have questions for me, I may be reached by email at the address on the About page of this site.

Last March 3 update | There are now 122 events in 33 states on the map.