4:25 am California time | A report posted on the Occupy CA blog about an hour and a half ago says that the Humanities building at CSU Fullerton has been “barricaded from the inside.” More when I get it.

4:50 am | According to this calendar, today is a regular class day at Fullerton. I can’t quite tell by Googling whether the building under occupation houses classrooms, but if it does, that would make this (to my knowledge) the first of the more than two dozen California campus building occupations this year that has sought to shut down a classroom building while classes were in session.

Update: As regular commenter “*” notes, the December takeover of the Business building at San Francisco State and the first occupation of Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall in November both forced the cancellation of classes.

5:20 am | Occupy CA’s post now says the building has been barricaded with “some fairly heavy materials,” and includes an eight-paragraph statement from the occupiers. The bulk of their statement consists of a critique of the ideas of Michael Parker, CSU Fullerton’s Director of University Planning. Specifically, they challenge his contention that “esoteric offerings such as literature, philosophy, fine arts, and so forth” are only part of the university’s “core” mission to the extent that “they are clearly related to practical concerns.” They are occupying the Humanities building, they say, as a symbol of their rejection of that “University of Phoenix business model.”

6:20 am | A student activist blog at Fullerton, Make Believe Committee, has the occupiers’ statement. The blog doesn’t identify itself as being a project of the students behind the occupation, but I wouldn’t be particularly surprised to find out that it is.

7:30 am | Occupy CA reported about forty minutes ago that police are inside the occupied building “talking to” 15-18 occupiers. Four others who were detained earlier have been released.

8:30 am | Occupy CA is now reporting that the police entered the building through underground service tunnels, and that all of the occupiers have been cited and released.

9:50 am | Commenter mtd says that the occupiers weren’t cited, just released. The non-students among them were ordered to stay off campus for a week, but the students received no sanctions. No confirmation of this, but I thought I’d mention it.