It’s almost noon in California, and closing in on mid-afternoon on the East Coast. I’ll be posting a review of the events of the first half of the day here … starting now.

University of California Santa Cruz | Students blocked both entrances to the campus to vehicular traffic early this morning, prompting the university to send out an alert urging staff and students to stay away. Administrators are passing along reports of intimidation and property damage by students, while students have claimed that two cars attempted to break through the throngs of protesters, injuring one.

Hunter College, New York City | Multiple accounts on Twitter suggest that hundreds of students have been rallying at Hunter College in Manhattan, and it’s been reported that one arrest has been made.

Sacramento, California | An estimated two thousand people are already gathered at the State Capitol building.

California, Statewide | Student demonstrators are entering classes to urge students to walk out at several campuses.

University of Maryland College Park | Students have hung a huge banner from a campus building reading “March Forth: Life Sucks, Let’s Change.”

I’m seeing reports on Twitter and elsewhere from dozens of different campuses across the country, but details are scarce for most of them — students are out marching, not home blogging, and the ones who are updating on Twitter are often posting short cryptic messages. I’m going to go gather some more info, and report back later.