That’s kind of what it sounds like.

A safety update posted at 7:00 am California time on the UCSC website says that “Due to potential safety concerns, people, including any employee scheduled for work, are advised not to come to the main campus. Check back for updated conditions.”

Earlier in the morning, student protesters closed both entrances to the UCSC campus to vehicular traffic. Occupy CA reported that as many as four people may have been hit by cars attempting to break through the human barriers at the campus entrances.

The UCSC website doesn’t mention that incident, but it does say that there was a report of a vehicle’s windshield being smashed in the vicinity. It does not present that account as confirmed, nor does it specify whether the vehicle was occupied at the time.

8:30 am California time | UC Santa Cruz sent out a “CruzAlert” message to all members of the campus community reading as follows: “Please avoid both campus entrances due to safety concerns. Check web or 459-INFO at noon for update.”

It sounds to me like they’re saying that anyone who is not already on campus should stay off campus until at least noon.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel has more on the morning’s events, though nothing (yet) on the advisory to remain off campus.

12:30 pm | UCSC is now advising “employees … not to come to the main campus for the duration of the day.” What’s odd, however, is what they’re not saying. They’re not saying classes are canceled, for instance.

It seems they’re trying to avoid saying that they’ve shut down the university for the day, but that’s pretty clearly what’s happened.

1:00 pm | The Santa Cruz Sentinel doesn’t share the university’s hesitance. Their headline? “Students Shut Down UCSC Campus.”