Students at the University of Puerto Rico staged massive protests this morning, at the start of a planned 48-hour student strike. The students are opposing budget cuts and program changes.

English-language news on the situation is scarce so far, but a brief Associated Press story reports that the university’s Rio Piedras campus has been closed “indefinitely” after clashes between protesters and security guards allegedly left nineteen guards injured.

There’s a Facebook page in solidarity with the occupation, and the website Emancipating Education for All is posting info as they get it. The Twitter feed for the protests is #ParoUPR, and some background on the strike can be found here.

I’ll be posting updates as I get them.

Evening update | It’s midnight in Puerto Rico, and the latest reports on the Facebook solidarity page say that SWAT teams who had earlier appeared to be readying to break up the occupation have been “pulled back.” Media reports (thanks, Google Translate!) suggest that both sides are hunkering down for the night.

Early morning update | Reports from Twitter here and here suggest that the night passed peacefully on campus. Rough translations:

@MST_PR: 6:03 am, fairly quiet inside and outside the Rio Piedras Campus, but the militancy of the students is high.

@eldifusor: It’s about 5:30 am and all is calm. Students in their tents, the university guards making rounds.

May 17 update | My coverage of the situation in Puerto Rico is ongoing — click here and scroll down to see the latest news.