Berkeley’s student government, the Associated Students of the University of California, is meeting tonight for what should be the final consideration of a resolution calling on the university to divest its holdings in two corporations that supply the Israeli military.

ASUC first passed the resolution last month, but it was vetoed by the association’s president. An attempt to override that veto failed in an all-night meeting last week, a meeting which ended with a further two hours’ debate on a motion to reconsider that decision.

Last week’s meeting was moved twice to accommodate the large numbers of students and others who wished to comment on the resolution. Reports on Twitter suggest that tonight’s meeting may be being held in closed session to speed debate.

I’ll be following this story as it develops, and bringing you more as I get it.

Late night update | At about midnight California time the Daily Cal student newspaper reported that the closed-session rumors were true — the ASUC senate voted without opposition to go into closed session to consider the veto override at 8:40 PM.

It is now 2:30 AM in California, and there has been no further word about the senate’s deliberations on the Daily Cal site. Similarly, Twitter — which saw frequent updates from the senate discussions throughout last week’s deliberations under the #UCBdivest hashtag — has been essentially silent on the subject since tonight’s meeting began.

Questions have been raised about the legitimacy of the closed session debate under the ASUC constitution, raising the possibility that tonight’s decision, whatever it may be, could be challenged yet again.

Thursday morning update | It’s not at all clear what happened at last night’s meeting — the Daily Cal hasn’t updated their story since midnight, Google News and Google Blog searches turn up nothing, and if anyone’s talking on Twitter, I can’t find it. But the website of the organization Jewish Voice for Peace is reporting that supporters of divestment will bring their resolution forward yet again next Wednesday, April 28.

Looks like they’re headed to round four.

Sunday update | The Daily Cal and the Berkeley Daily Planet have both published stories on Wednesday night’s meeting, and though some details are still fuzzy, the basic outlines of the situation are clear.

Supporters of divestment moved on Wednesday to suspend the rules to allow a new version of their resolution to be considered next week, in an attempt to address opponents’ criticisms, but their motion failed to receive the necessary two-thirds margin. Senators plan to take up the original bill one last time on April 28, at ASUC’s final meeting of the semester.