A professor at Cal State Northridge has been revealed as the editor of a website that caters to men who travel to Thailand as “sex tourists” seeking prostitutes.

Kenneth Ng, a tenured associate professor of Economics, is himself a frequent sex tourist. He defends his site as constitutionally protected speech, but a former Justice Department expert on sex trafficking and child abuse says that federal law prohibits “enticing or coercing” individuals to travel internationally in search of prostitutes.

Ng started the “Big Baby Kenny” site after he was banned from blogging at a Thai website for encouraging men to seek sex from the “emotionally vulnerable girls” who congregated at a particular Buddhist shrine. (In that same blogpost, which he has posted on his site, he notes that “bruised up girls mired in abusive relationships” are among those who go to the shrine, if that’s your “personal preference.”)

CSU Northridge administrators say that there is nothing they can do about the situation without “evidence that [the site] infringes upon the work he does at the university itself.”

Inside Higher Ed, where most of the above info comes from, has a thorough rundown of the story.