Cal State Northridge Economics professor Kenneth Ng has shut down his website Big Baby Kenny in the wake of the site’s outing in the media, but the pages live on in Google’s cache.

The site, which promised to show readers “how to get banged better, cheaper, and more efficiently in the Thailand Girl Scene,” has been known to university administrators for months. Ng was initially defiant when approached by reporters last week, but backpedaled in the face of public outrage. University provost Harry Hellebrand released a statement on Friday thanking Ng “for his reflection and removal of the site.”

Although Ng now says he “never encountered any child prostitution” in Thailand, and denies that his site was a sex tourism guide, his own writings, now deleted, reveal these claims to be lies. In his website, Ng not only made a number of clear references to encountering girls whom he believed to be underage at places of prostitution, he provided his readers directions to, and GPS coordinates of, those locations.

Warning: The excerpts provided below include depictions of child prostitution and the physical abuse of women.

Pages that have been taken down include…

  • The post which prompted him to create the site, in which Ng advised men on how to approach “emotionally vulnerable girls” at a particular Buddhist shrine, noting that the girls and women praying at the shrine included “bruised up girls mired in abusive relationships,” if that was a reader’s “personal preference.”
  • A review of a club in which prostitution was condoned that declared that “underage girls” were “frequently encountered” there, and that such girls represented “a moral grey area.” In the review, Ng described providing alcohol to a prostitute whom he believed to be underage.
  • In that review, as in many on the site, Ng posted snapshots of the prostitutes, including the one he believed to be underage.
  • A review of a strip club that Ng describes as having the atmosphere of “a high school slumber party” at which “the girls are motivated by the prospect of a good payday.” As a result, he says, “banging the girls is easy and guaranteed.”
  • A review of a house of prostitution in which he said he was “offered an underage girl.” Though the girl claimed to be 18, Ng said he convinced her to admit she was 15, then bought her and her sister ice cream. As he did with his other reviews, Ng provided GPS coordinates of this site to facilitate his readers’ efforts to find it.
  • A post in which he assures readers that behavior that would get you “brought up on sexual harassment charges if you are a high school teacher” in the United States “is expected, welcomed, and A-OK” in a Thailand club.
  • A guide to negotiating prices with prostitutes in which Ng fantasizes that “good hearted hard working hard bodied exquisitely breasted and nippled” prostitutes will “end up black eyed, bruised up, and beaten” by their pimps as a result of his readers’ success in keeping their prices down.
  • In that same post, Ng describes the difficulty of bargaining “with a half or sometimes fully naked teenage girl who in exchange for $3 has just spent 45 minutes expertly gyrating her flawless, marble smooth, delectably squishy g-stringed ass on your defenseless half and then fully inflated package.”
  • Also in that post, Ng encourages men to ask prostitutes for specific services, including “BJ without a condom.”

This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg — what I was able to uncover in a brief Googling session. There’s much much more.