The saga of the UC Berkeley student government’s Israel divestment resolution continues this evening, in the final student senate meeting of the academic year.

Meanwhile, students at the University of California San Diego, inspired by the Berkeley example, will be bringing a vote on a similar resolution to their own student government for the first time tonight.

Neither of the two resolutions call for divestment from Israeli businesses. Instead, each urges divestment from General Electric and United Technologies, companies that have contracts with the Israeli military.

4 am California time | The UCSD resolution was referred to committee several hours ago in a 13-10 vote. Debate at Berkeley, which began at 10:30 last night, is still going on. You can follow the discussion at the #ucbdivest hashtag, or at supporters’ new @ucbdivest Twitter account.

4:15 am | The Berkeley fell one vote short of overriding the veto a few minutes ago. Tonight was the last meeting of the semester.