These are the five most-read stories on the site this week. (Numbers one and five are my personal favorites.)

1. Don’t Stop Believing

Some thoughts on gay teens, bigoted preschoolers, anti-racist parenting … and Glee.

2. Union, Students Aim to Shut Down Today’s UC Regents Meeting

Liveblogging a demonstration against pay cuts in the University of California.

3. O’Donnell: Co-ed Dorms Will Lead to “Orgy Rooms”

One of the wackier claims from Delaware’s new Senate candidate.

4. Stories to Watch #5: The DREAM Act

Immigration reform and the student movement. See also the follow-up post, DREAM Act Organizing Kicks Into High Gear.

5. The Birmingham Church Bombing: Remembering the Six Who Died

The forgotten stories surrounding one of the civil rights era’s worst acts of racist violence.