Last week’s ten most-read posts…

1. Reports: Rutgers Student Killed Himself After Roommate Videotaped Him in Gay Encounter

My first post on Tyler Clementi. See also the followup here.

2. The Tyler Clementi Tragedy: Five Takeaway Lessons for Jackasses

Thoughts on “the inevitable creepy backlash” to the reporting on Clementi’s suicide.

3. Oak Is My King: School Yanks Transgender Student’s Homecoming Crown

A Michigan high school refused to allow Oak Reed to serve as homecoming king because he was born female.

4. What Malcolm Gladwell Doesn’t Understand About Activism and Social Networks

A response to Gladwell’s “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted.”

5. Did Tyler Clementi Ask His RA for Help the Day Before He Died?

Evidence emerges that Clementi reached out to dorm staff for assistance dealing with his roommate’s spying.

6. Andrew Shirvell, Gay-Student-Obsessed Michigan Assistant AG, Takes a Breather

An assistant Attorney General in Michigan wages a bizarre campaign against a college student government leader.

7. It Gets Better

Dan Savage’s YouTube project to assist LGBT youth.

8. College Dean Forced Scholarship Students to Work as Her Servants

Allegations of forced student labor in the Asian Studies program at St. John’s University in New York.

9. Your Move, Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell’s weird response to my critique of his social media essay.

10. On-Campus Punishment for Off-Campus Activity

The growing trend of university judicial sanctions for off-campus student behavior.