The Carleton University Student Association is having a busy November.

CUSA sued last week to force their university to release some three million dollars in student fees that the administration has been holding hostage in an accountability/autonomy dispute. And now they’ve moved to de-charter Carleton Lifeline, a campus pro-life organization.

A letter from CUSA’s vice president for internal affairs, Khaldoon Bushnaq, to Lifeline cited the following student association policy as the basis for their decision:

CUSA and CUSA Inc. respect and affirm a woman’s right to choose her options in case of pregnancy

CUSA further affirms that actions such as any campaign, distribution, solicitation, lobbying, effort, display, event etc. that seeks to limit or remove a woman’s right to choose her options in the case of pregnancy will not be supported. As such, no CUSA resources, space, recognition or funding will be allocated for the purpose of promoting these actions.

The association’s pro-choice policy has been in effect since 1997, and it is not clear why Carleton Lifeline, which was chartered four years ago, has been allowed to operate as a recognized organization until now. A Lifeline representative speculated, however, that CUSA’s decision may stem from an October incident in which five Lifeline members were arrested while attempting to display graphic anti-abortion posters on campus.

CUSA has given Lifeline until tomorrow to submit a revised constitution that comports with the association’s pro-choice policies.