It’s seven o’clock in the morning in California, and the November meeting of the UC regents is scheduled to get underway soon. Topping their agenda is another steep tuition increase.

When the regents met last fall at UCLA some three thousand students were on hand to protest their imposition of a 32% fee hike, but at least some student activists expect a smaller turnout this time around. Ricardo Gomez, External Affairs Vice President of the Associated Students of the University of California, told the Daily Cal this week that the meeting’s staging at UC San Francisco Mission Bay — a medical center and teaching hospital with no undergraduate student body — is likely to suppress student turnout.

Buses and carpools are heading to San Francisco this morning from across the state, however, and some activists are still hoping to shut the meeting down.

8:10 am PST | Tweeter @reclaimuc says that “approx 200” protesters are on the scene, with more en route.

9:00 am | Reports on Twitter suggest that student activists faced off with cops in a parking garage on campus. Police are said to have arrested at least two students. “Most” of the regents are said to have made it into the meeting, and protesters are apparently leaving the garage. A tweet from the student regent says that the meeting has begun.

11:20 am | Activists apparently made an effort to storm the meeting not long after my last update. Several more arrests have been made, including a vice president of the Berkeley student government. Police have pepper-sprayed a number of demonstrators, and one source has claimed on Twitter that an officer on the scene unholstered his gun and pointed it at a protester.