This site’s top ten most-read posts of the last week. Numbers one and ten are my favorites, and number two is going to be getting a major followup later today.

1. Remembering Rosa Parks … And Claudette Colvin

Things we know, and things we don’t know, about the civil rights movement.

2. Why Isn’t #Wikileaks Trending on Twitter, and Should We Care?

I take on the charges that Twitter is messing with its trending topics list.

3. Julian Assange: Condoms, Rape, and “Sex By Surprise”

Unpacking the various claims about what Assange has been accused of.

4. Universities Warn Students: Reading/Discussing Wikileaks Could Cost You a Future Government Job

Columbia and Boston University tell students not to tweet about the leaked cables.

5. DREAM Act Whip Count Update

How the DREAM looks in the Senate. (See also The Latest on the DREAM Act)

6. On the “Why Can’t Whites Have a White Student Union?” Question

An old post brought back to life by the post below.

7. Fake White Student Union Flyers at West Chester University

Anti-racist students choose a bad approach.

8. A Twisted “History of Political Correctness”

What right-wingers see when they look at the left. Seriously creepy.

9. The Latest on the British Student Movement

Things are getting interesting over there.

10. The Trouble With Tribbing

My favorite post title ever.