I always get confused by February, by which I mean that March always sneaks up on me quicker than I expect, and this year is no exception. Which is why I only just realized that March 2 is only six days away.

March 4, 2010 saw a huge co-ordinated national day of action in support of public higher education, with well over one hundred campuses in more than thirty states participating. The March 2nd day of action, organized along the same loose lines, promises to be similarly impressive, kicking off a monthlong series of actions throughout the United States and beyond.

I’ll be putting together a map of planned actions over the next few days, as I did last year, and updating it as Wednesday draws closer. On the day itself, I’ll be liveblogging events as they occur. If you’ve got information about plans on a particular campus or links to state or national resources, please let me know!