Well, this is wacky.

Aaron Porter, president of Britain’s National Union of Students, announced a few weeks back that he would not be running for a second term at the head of NUS, as is customary. Porter’s announcement came after months of criticism of his timid leadership of the organization.

With student fees at British universities skyrocketing, UK students have risen up in a dramatic series of protests and occupations, but Porter has distanced himself from the most aggressive tactics, and his criticisms of direct action have at times overshadowed his defenses of students’ rights.

The National Union of Students is a large and influential body in Britain, but it has long been charged with excessive coziness with the country’s Labour Party. Porter’s critics, in fact, have regularly accused him of tailoring his presidency to suit his political ambitions.

But it’s unlikely that anyone really expected this.

British media are reporting today that Porter, just 26 years old, plans to run for an open Labor seat in Parliament. This May. Five weeks before his term as NUS president ends.

Like I say. Wacky.

Update | Huh. Porter says, via Twitter, that “despite some nice calls from members of the Leicester Labour party, I have not & will not be putting my hat in the ring!” The filing deadline is tomorrow, so we’ll know for sure soon, but apparently the UK media got it wrong — or he got talked out of it.