Now that the podcast of the Intelligence Squared debate is up and the show is beginning to run on the radio, I’m seeing a bit of new site traffic from viewers and listeners. Hi!

If you’re interested in more background on the arguments I made in the debate, here are some links…

  • The current wave of attention to campus free speech issues and political correctness is in large part a response to Jonathan Chait’s January New York magazine essay “Not a Very PC Thing to Say.” I wrote a critique of that essay’s arguments here, as well as several followups you can find in the archives.
  • I’ve written about the violent suppression of peaceful student protest in the University of California on many occasions. A few examples can be found here, here, and here. A full year before the pepper-spray incident at UC Davis captured the nation’s attention, I expressed my fear that the UC police’s accelerating spiral into violence could end in tragedy.
  • I wrote about Wendy Kaminer’s controversial appearance on the Smith College panel before the debate, and recapped our IQ2 discussion of it here.

If you’d like more background on anything else I said, feel free to let me know. And if you’d like to continue the discussion of the issues that we tackled in the debate, just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to respond.