Last year, Christina Hoff-Sommers got mad at me for pointing out that right-wingers were huge fans of her work. She is, she insisted, a Democrat, and a representative of “a moderate and liberal style of feminism.”

On Monday, Hoff-Sommers shared a stage at a College Republicans event at UMass with Milo Yiannopoulos, the GamerGater and Breitbart editor who the National Review recently described as an apologist for racists and neo-Nazis. Here’s Milo’s opening speech, in full:

“I’ve taken some time out of my busy schedule of being fabulous and doing my hair to prepare a speech for you. Well, a few remarks, really: Feminism is cancer. Thank you very much.”

Yiannopoulos than sat down, and Hoff-Sommers stood up and said this:

“What Milo meant to say—I am going to explain. You will be pleased—What Milo meant to say is that feminism, while being a noble and valiant and courageous movement, there are certain schools of thought that are somewhat unwholesome. Right, Milo?”

She then looked over to his seat for affirmation. His response? “No, I meant it was cancer.”

Charming, the two of them.