This post is a way for me to keep track of the arrests in the current wave of student protest at the University of California — for my own reference and for others’.

As of the morning of December 12, there have been 220 arrests in just 23 days. Students have occupied buildings at six California campuses in that time.

Wednesday, November 18

14 at UCLA: twelve students, two non-students, all arrested for refusing to leave the regents meeting.

Thursday, November 19

52 at Davis: one for assault and resisting arrest, 51 for trespass. Fifty-one students, one professor.

2 at UCLA: UCLA website mentions just one, a student arrested for obstructing an officer.

Friday, November 20

44 at Berkeley: three arrested in the morning for burglary, 41 in the evening for trespassing.

Monday, November 24

1 at Irvine: a student arrested for attempted vandalism and resisting arrest. (As a commenter notes, the “attempted vandalism” charge was apparently based on the student banging on a closed door.)

Thursday, December 10

33 at SFSU: Police broke up an occupation on the San Francisco State University campus, arresting 23 inside and ten outside the building.

Friday, December 11

66 at Berkeley: UC police raided the peaceful open occupation of Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall shortly before five o’clock in the morning, arresting 66 people, more than 40 of them Berkeley students. The occupation had been going on for four days, and was scheduled to end voluntarily approximately 24 hours later.

8 more at Berkeley: Eight people, including two UC Berkeley students and two UC Davis students, were arrested near the university chancellor’s home on Friday night, accused of vandalizing the residence and attacking police.

Update: A commenter reminds me that there was an arrest at UC Santa Cruz more than a month before the earliest one listed here.