It was a light week’s posting this week, as I spent a bunch of time preparing for my three speaking engagements (each of which, by the way, was a huge amount of fun). So it’s not so surprising that a lot of the top slots were taken up by older posts.

Google is becoming ever more important in how people find this site. In part, I think, that’s a reflection of the higher profile that student issues have in the culture at large — more and more people who aren’t engaged with the student movement (or this site’s social media appendages) are interested in campus issues, and using Google to inform themselves.

Yet more evidence that the zeitgeist is shifting, I think.

1. Reports: Rutgers Student Kille Himself After Roommate Taped Him in Gay Encounter

My first post on the Tyler Clementi tragedy.

2. The University of California Abandons an Ideal

With undergraduate “fees” topping $10K a year, the UC system is preparing to acknowledge that it charges tuition. As I said on Twitter, this reminds me more than a little of Pope John Paul II acknowledging that Galileo was right about the earth orbiting the sun.

3. Yale Frat Apologizes for Rape Chants

The campus’s DKE chapter sent its pledges out to shout “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal!” Charming.

4. Creepy PayPal Zillionaire is Paying Teens to Drop Out of College

Seriously. Read this one. You can’t make this shit up.

5. New Student Strike at the University of Puerto Rico

The most activist university system in the United States is at it again. See also this follow-up post.

6. Sex Tourist Professor Scrubs His Site

This post, on scumbag CSU Northridge Economics prof Kenneth Ng, dates from April. I’m thrilled that it’s getting so many hits — this is a story that folks in California really need to know about.

7. O Canada!

The announcement of my keynote address at a student activist conference at McGill University in Montreal. One of the most rewarding speaking gigs I’ve ever done — the McGill students are really incredible people.

8. 28-Year-Old Congressional Candidate Krystal Ball Fights Back

Someone leaked vaguely naughty photos of her joking around with her then-husband at a Christmas party. Instead of cringing, she took a stand on behalf of herself and her generation of women. Good for her.

9. “Chekhov for Children” Film and Discussion

I’m in a movie. The movie rocks.

10. “Jiggaboo Jones” and the UCSD Compton Cookout

Another old post, this one from March. This one needs a follow-up.