The most-read pieces of the week just ended:

1. October 7 Day of Action Google Map

Nearly eighty co-ordinated student protest actions in twenty-five states, most with links. See also “First Thoughts on October 7.”

2. Reports: Rutgers Student Killed Himself After Roommate Videotaped Him in Gay Encounter

My first post on the Tyler Clementi case. See also “New Developments” and “Statement from Dharun Ravi’s Lawyer,”

3. October 7: Berkeley Library Sit-In

Liveblogging October 7’s most dramatic action.

4. What Malcolm Gladwell Doesn’t Understand About Activism and Social Networks

My rebuttal to Gladwell’s wrongheaded New Yorker piece about social media.

5. Did Tyler Clementi Ask His RA for Help the Day Before He Died?

Questions about the Rutgers response to the dorm-room spying case. See also this follow-up.

6. Quote of the Day

Spongebob and Patrick on action and planning. Really.

7. Oak is My King: School Yanks Transgender Student’s Homecoming Crown

Oak is My King. Truly.

8. “Chekhov for Children” Film and Discussion: NYC, October 21

A heads-up about a documentary in which I appear, having its New York premiere next week.

9. Carl Paladino Invents Past as Student Protest Peacemaker

One in a long string of bizarre statements that have tripped up the GOP candidate for New York governor.

10. The Tyler Clementi Tragedy: Five Takeaway Lessons for Jackasses

How not to be a jerk, and why.