The top ten most-read posts of the week just ended:

1. Sex Tourist Professor Scrubs His Site

My tour through the sex tourism website of CSU Northridge professor Kenneth Ng, as cited in my most recent Huffington Post piece.

2. 28-Year-Old Congressional Candidate Krystal Ball Fights Back

A young candidate refuses to apologize for photos that caused a scandal.

3. Reports: Rutgers Student Killed Himself After Roommate Videotaped Him In Gay Encounter

My first and most widely read post on the Tyler Clementi tragedy.

4. Yale Frat Apologizes For Rape Chant

Yale’s DKE fraternity was caught on video chanting “No means yes! Yes means anal!” (See also my coverage of another similar incident.)

5. Georgia Regents Ban Undocumented Students From Selective Colleges

The state became the third in the nation to bar “illegal” immigrants from some of its state universities.

6. University of California Budget Director Floats Possibility of System’s Largest Ever Fee Hike

A UC official says a fee hike on the table at next month’s meeting could be even bigger than last year’s shocking increase.

7. Another Shutdown at the University of Puerto Rico?

UPR students shut down ten campuses for two months this spring. Now they’re mobilizing against a new tuition hike.

8. The Question for Activists Is Always How to Use Available Tools Effectively

A friend offers an excellent, practical rebuttal to Malcolm Gladwell’s piece on social media.

9. October 7 National Day of Action Map

Everyone’s still curious about what went down. See also follow-up posts here and here.

10. On the “Why Can’t Whites Have a White Student Union” Question

A perennial favorite.